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Build Your Own Bag

build your own bag

Want to make your own mix of nutrients? We offer that too!

We offer custom drips which are 1 liter of Sodium Chloride and $25 per your chosen add on (Excludes NAD). Here's what we've got for you!


Energy boost, aids weight-loss, improves sleep, boosts immunity, improves brain power.

Boosts immune system, supports skin, nail, and hair health, heals and rejuvenates skin.

Anti-oxidant effects, boosts energy and memory, promotes healthy skin and skin structure, immune booster.

Also known as Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide. Boosts organ function and immunity, pain managment, weight managment, improves mental clarity and mood, over all health improvments. Learn more about NAD here.

Improves anxiety and stress, boosts digestion and metabolism, optimizes brain performance, improves physical endurance.

Detoxifies the liver and cells, athletic performance and recovery, encourages healthy aging, reduces inflammation.

Helps lower blood sugar, detox, improves memory.

Relaxation and better sleep, relaxation of muscle fibers, bone health.

B1. Thiamine: Supports nervous system and electrolyte flow.

B2. Riboflavin: Maintaining energy, keeping liver healthy.

B3. Niacin: Reduces bad “LDL” cholesterol level, reduces oxidative stress and inflammation.

B5. Pantothenic Acid: Maintains healthy skin, hair and eyes.

B6. Pyridoxine: Aids in the production of dopamine and serotonin.

Regulates and builds healthy immunity. Reduces autoimmune symptoms by decreasing inflammation.


(Ketorolac) Anti inflammatory/pain relief.

(Ondansetro) Anti Nausea.

(Famotidine) Anti histamine, antacid.